Nichols Yacht Yard
 2020 Annual Dockage Agreement Application

In order to avoid any misunderstandings,
 please read this carefully !

 All boats are invoiced storage fees regardless of any type of work being performed by either the Marina or Owner. Annual boat storage includes a summer slip & winter outdoor dryland storage and runs from May 1, 2020 until May 1, 2021. Any boat remaining at the marina past the contract date will be subject to additional storage charges.  

Annual slip contracts will be given to full service customers only.

To explain how we work our fees, upon submission of this agreement we will automatically invoice the annual storage fee.   The additional full service boat work will be invoiced separately from the storage fee and will be  automatically invoiced during the year as the work is performed. 

 For definition purposes, "Full Service" shall consist of the five normal minimum items that the average boat requires including: the annual storage fee, winterizing, shrinkwrap, exterior compound & waxing, bottom painting & zinc replacement at least once each in the annual contract period. This work is considered the normal minimum baseline for the average boat it is not a comprehensive and complete full service boat maintenance program.  At your request we can also provide the names of local independent marine surveyors who can design and or recommend  such a plan.

 The full service cycle will commence with the start of the annual contract and will be considered completed when the boat is waxed and painted the following spring. The service fees apply regardless of whether or not the boat remains at Nichols for the full contract term. 

Please understand that as many area marinas have succumbed to real estate development, it has created a shortage of  dock space.  While our goal is to create long term relationships with our boaters, we occasionally receive requests for partial year slip storage and or no services. Some customers choose to winter their boat in Florida, or are between boats but want to retain their slip space, are having specialty work being done at another facility and or returned to a dealer for warrantee work,  or simply want self service only. We will make those accommodations solely at our discretion if space is available. We do not prorate or discount storage fees and all storage fees and or deposits are nonrefundable.

PLEASE NOTE: Any current or new slip holder wishing a partial year slip only and or less than full services may do so but will be charged the regular annual slip storage fee plus an additional $150 per foot surcharge to retain and reserve their slip assignment.  If you are planning this option, please inquire and make arrangements with our office prior to submission of this application.

A 50% deposit is required by no later than January 31st to reserve a slip space with the balance due by March 31st and or prior to  spring launching. All storage fees are calculated by the overall length of the boat including outboard motors, bow pulpits,swim platforms or the slip minimum size, whichever is greater. The minimum annual charge is 25 ft. All invoices are due upon receipt. The Marina will not release or launch any boat with an outstanding account balance. Electricity is metered and will be billed by amount used. All boats must be properly insured with Nichols as a named insured, and registered.  Proof of such may be requested by Nichols at any time for any reason.  All Mercruiser and OMC outdrives should be removed for dry land winter storage. 

All outside contractors are subject to Nichols approval. All approved outside contractors must submit a Certificate of Liability Insurance and proof of Workman's Compensation at our office prior to any work being performed.  In addition, all contractors must sign in and out at the main office during posted business hours each time they come to the yard to work on your boat.

We accept personal MasterCard & Visa cards, cash and your personal check, however we reserve the right to request payment in cash only for any outstanding balance at any time. A current, valid credit card is required for all customers and updated upon submission of this form. Unless other prior arrangements are made in person with our office,  all invoices will be charged to your credit card as the work is done and the paperwork is processed.  Unless you are the owner of a bonafide marine related business such as a charter, salvage or towing business, we do not accept any type of corporate or business checks, or business credit cards. The credit card  will be charged if the boat is launched or removed from the marina prior to payment in full of any outstanding invoices or in the event a personal check or other form of payment fails to clear for any reason.   All invoices are due when rendered unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by the marina and so stated on the invoice. A monthly finance charge of 1.5% will be charged on any outstanding balances over 30 days. Nichols reserves the right not to launch or release any boat that has an outstanding balance due This agreement is subject to all of the marina rates & terms as put forth on Nichols website. Unless otherwise directed in writing by the Marina, both parties will deem acceptance of a storage agreement as an authorization for credit card charges for any outstanding balances or any additional storage fees incurred.   

By submission of this form I represent that I am the registered and legal owner of the above listed storage boat. I also represent that my boat is fully registered and insured as required in the marina terms and conditions. Additionally, I acknowledge that I  have completely read and I understand the terms of this storage agreement as put forth on Nichols Yacht Yard website, including the fees, storage terms  conditions, and payment conditions as listed on this website and above. I also acknowledge and consent to do business electronically with Nichols Yacht Yard, Inc. Storage fees and storage deposits and are non-refundable.

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